The skill to elevate data professionals from the competition:


Business data is stored in databases

This is the language to access, extract, and manipulate data from databases.

Pick up these 3 SQL books!

SQL QuickStart Guide

The beginner’s guide to SQL. Learn about:

  • Queries
  • Filtering
  • Joins
  • Calculations

for a solid start.

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SQL Cookbook

Real-world examples for non-expert database users, including

👉 Common Table Expressions (CTE)

which make your expressions easier, efficient and more readable.

Cover of SQL Cookbook

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SQL Pocket Guide

Quickly look up common syntax

  • Retrieve data
  • Update databases
  • Windowing
  • Pivots

everything you need as an analyst!

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From beginner’s guide to pocket reference:

  • SQL QuickStart Guide
  • SQL Cookbook
  • SQL Pocket Guide

these three books build a solid foundation for your SQL skills.