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Today I Learned

Small learnings documented in public

  • Today I learnt about @cached_property in python

    Topic: python, functools, today i learnedTechnology:

    As a classically trained physicist, my natural style of programming is functional.

    But in production-level code, we usually want a mix of classes and functions.

    However, this can get awkward.

    The Chicken and Egg Attribute Dilemma

    Oftentimes, we'll calculate some properties for a class and set them as attributes. Maybe it's the mean and standard deviation for our data class in machine learning, for example.

    But that'd mean we have to initialise our class, load the data at initialisation and calculate those statistics.

    That can be a bit silly in many cases.

    Especially when we're building a larger class with some extra utility, this can quickly devolve into creating a monster at __init__.

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  • Today I learned about git flow

    Topic: today i learned, gitTechnology:

    Today I learned about git flow.

    It's a little utility that sits on top of git and makes my development flow much easier.

    It will also make you forget git pull --rebase and git merge --squash branch immediately, because you won't need it again... maybe...

    Oh and it has a VS Code extension!

    Git flow in VS Code

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  • TIL you can route audio like Spotify in Windows natively

    Topic: windows, audio, today i learnedTechnology:

    I got a new toy for my computer.

    It's an audio interface that has shiny knobs and buttons.

    Roland Bridge Cast

    But I was disappointed right away. If you go into Spotify, there is no way to select an output device. So how do I route my Spotify music and other audio separately?!

    I searched for tools and nifty open source thingamajigs. But nothing was doing quite what I wanted.


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  • TIL about Sitemaps for Jupyter Books

    Topic: python, jupyter, jupyter book, today i learnedTechnology:

    Search-engine optimization is a mystery to me.

    But if you build an awesome thing and make a Jupyter book, you may as well help people find it, right?!

    I was working on,, and, and they have a ton of different pages with content. Things I want people to see.

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  • Today I learned Firefox is good actually?

    Topic: content, today i learnedTechnology:

    My day has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

    I was scrolling Mastodon, when suddenly a post appeared that made it clear I need to switch browsers.

    I had been using Brave Browser for a while, I wanted to be more security and privacy-conscious, so I switched away from pure Google Chrome. That felt good... Until it didn't.

    Turns out the CEO of Brave Brendan Eich donated to the campaign in California to make same-sex marriage illegal. But that was just the last straw for me, a big straw that had me act immediately. Regardless, there was some weirdness in Brave of pushing their cryptocurrency BAT on users and adding their in-browser crypto-wallet prominently without prior question. The weird "give artists crypto but they will only get it when they sign up and we won't tell them". The whole thing about Chrome not exactly being fast.

    Should I give Firefox another try?

    I had tried Firefox again a few years back. And I hated the experience.

    Nothing was where it's supposed to be. Nothing worked how I expected. It added so much unwanted friction and there was no benefit to using it.

    But it was time to give it another shot.

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  • Frozensets compare very well

    Topic: python, today i learnedTechnology:

    I was trying to solve Day 16 of the Advent of Code, when I realised that sorting values can speed up your code.

    But that was the wrong choice of data structure for this problem.

    Normally, I would use the set() data structure, but I was caching the inputs and needed an immutable data structure.

    I knew frozenset() was a thing, but when .add() didn't work, I decided to work with tuples instead.

    But the values were supposed to be unique, and the sort order didn't matter.

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  • Sorting your values can speed up your code

    Topic: python, functools, today i learnedTechnology:

    I was working on the Advent of Code puzzle 2022 day 16.

    It's one of those "which one is the highest value path" problems, where recursion comes into play.

    It's one of those "this problem is huge and you want to cache your function" problems.

    Usually, one would use lru_cach(maxsize=None) for this one from the functools library, or if you're on a newer version of Python, you could use the alias for that call which is just cache().

    This cache works fairly simple:

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  • Today I learned about deterministic Gzip compression

    Topic: today i learned, gzipTechnology:

    Most websites use Gzip to compress the data to send it to you.

    The idea is that internet speeds are still much slower than compute time, so spending compute to decompress a file that was sent to you, reduces load-times overall, compared to an uncompressed site.

    So naturally I enabled it on this website.

    Compiling static sites with Nikola

    This website is generated with a static website generator called Nikola.

    It's written in Python, so it's easy for me to add changes, compared to Hugo, Jekyll, or Atom.

    Why static sites?

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  • Today I learned about dynamic dates in Notion templates

    Topic: today i learned, notionTechnology:

    I use Notion to plan a lot of high- and low-level goals in my life.

    One example is that I sit down every Saturday morning to review my last week and plan the next.

    I try to journal and sometimes I even accomplish a nice streak of journaling, which is always great for my mental health.

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  • Use to do something after pytest passes

    Topic: python, pytest, today i learnedTechnology:

    It's Advent of Code! 🎄

    Every year I add to my and try to make the coding experience a bit nicer.

    This year, I discovered that once again I didn't update the Readme after the last year. I also didn't finish last year, must've been a stressful time...

    On this website and places like the profile Readme on Github, I figured out that you can use HTML comments to insert text at certain locations, basically like a placeholder.

    So I could do this for the Advent of Code readme, to have a place for the stars to go once my pytest test cases pass, right?

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  • Mastodon User Timelines are RSS Feeds

    Topic: social media, mastodon, today i learnedTechnology:

    I was reading through the Mastodon API documentation to figure out how to get my posts.

    On this website, I have a small widget that shows my last "Tweets" but unfortunately I locked myself out of my Twitter account after accidentally setting my age to under 13, while deleting personal information. This means my Twitter timeline isn't available, so I made the jump and figured out how to use the Mastodon API to pull a user's timeline.

    For Twitter this is an entire thing:

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  • I learned about TIL posts

    Topic: content, today i learnedTechnology:

    Gotta love a bit of self-referential writing.

    I read about TIL (Today I Learned) posts by Simon Willison, as an easy way to document small snippets of learning and get in the habit of writing and publishing.

    Then I saw multiple people do this inspired by J Branchaud:

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