The hottest job in the 21st century.

Data Science

Check out these 3 books to get started!

Practical Statistics for Data Scientists

by Peter Bruce

Ever see someone on Linkedin bust out obscure

“If you don’t know this niche statistical concept you’re not a data scientist!”?

Brush up on core stats concepts with this book!

Get the Practical Statistics for Data Scientists book

Data Science from Scratch

by Joel Grus

I learned machine learning by building a neural network from scratch.

Is it cumbersome? Yes.

Is it the best way to actually know all the details? Also yes.

Scratch your Data Science itch

Python Data Science Handbook

by Jake Vanderplas

The myth; The legend.

Brush up on your data wrangling skills in Python.

Work through the entire workflow.

Pick up the Python Data Science Handbook


Get into data science.

  • Practical Statistics for Data Scientists
  • Data Science from Scratch
  • Python Data Science Handbook

The stats, the basics, the code.