Is Python better than R?


Just different.

Learn why people love the tidyverse and simply prefer R for statistical analysis and data viz!

3 top-tier books for your convenience.

R for Data Science

by Hadley Wickham

Into the Tidyverse!

The reason why so many R users love R is arguably the tidyverse. Learn the workflow:

  • Import
  • Tidy
  • Transform
  • Visualize
  • Model
  • Communicate

Grab yourself some R for Data Science

R Graphics Cookbook

by Winston Chang

A deep dive into every type of plot:

  • Scatterplots
  • Heatmaps
  • Distribution plots

But let the Hadley Wickham convince you instead:

Cover of R Graphics Cookbook

Pick up a copy of the R graphics cookbook

R in Action

by Rob Kabacoff

Don’t be fooled by the stars. The old version has 4.5 stars at 250+ ratings. This book teaches:

  • Data Management
  • Data Viz (incl. ggplot2)
  • Regression
  • Anova
  • Advanced methods incl. ML
  • Packaging & Reporting

Put R into Action!


Dive into the tidyverse!

  • R for Data Science
  • R Graphics Cookbook
  • R in Action

Work with statistical analyses and great plotting libraries!