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I am Jesper Dramsch. I am a Master of Geophysics with a passion for machine learning.
I believe, "you understand it, only when you can explain it". For this reason, I started blogging, technical writing and giving presentations in various contexts and pursue a Phd at the Danish Technical University under collaboration with ETLP at Heriot-Watt University. Additionally, I believe ideas have to be applicable in the real world. Therefore, I seek conversations with specialists across the board. This information guides me through concrete implementations of abstract ideas with clients from the industry and academia.






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Why work with me ?

I sucked at physics, but through dedication and discipline I got my Masters degree and worked two industry internships.

In school physics was anything but my strength. In uni I had to change that. Today I love digging into complex topics. I know my way around Matlab and Python. My Masters thesis was a seismic processing thesis with pre-stack time migrated sections as deliverables. Seismic imaging is an integral part in my toolbox, although I would love to improve on this through more training and extended guidance. Big data analysis and machine learning are new concepts I find very interesting. I think big data in oil and gas are on the rise and something worthwhile looking into.

I am good at

Seismic Imaging

Machine Learning



I make myself clear with

Engaging Presentations

Graphics Manipulation

Explaining Complex Concepts

Technical Writing

We live in an age of information, those who can explain information can provide value to a client.

An idea is the seed to information and communication is the fertilizer to the seed. Technical writing and expert copy are my personal favorites of communication. I love blogging about geoscience. Nevertheless, I think talking in front of an audience is an invaluable skill that I train whenever I can. I round these skills of with basic knowledge of graphics manipulation to support emphasis and the grasp on complex topics and lateral thinking.

Love to learn.

Personally, I find it important to always stay on the leading edge of information. I keep up with current developments in the industry and improve on my language skills everyday. During my day to day work I test productivity regimes and apps. But in the end I learned to never leave the goal out of sight.

I have experience applying the full Office environment, GIMP, LaTeX, Seismic Unix, Promax, Globe Claritas, Partial Common Reflection Surface, Matlab, Python, BASH, and many more.

Work on tight deadlines is no stranger to me, yet I always aim to excel.

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My Portfolio

Tangible Work Experience


My Work Experience

On a Boat. On a Computer. On time.

  • DTU

    Research Assistant

    Fracture analysis and seismic data interpretation at the Centre for Oil and Gas at the Technical University of Denmark.

  • GFZ Potsdam

    Field Assistant

    I helped carry, install, retrieve and plan the deployment of magnetotelluric equipment in the Czech Republic.

  • O+P Geotechnik

    Student Assistant

    For nine months, I worked at a geotechnical company in Hamburg, Germany.
    I evaluated chemical analyses. I wrote bills. I checked and managed construction site reports. I showed of my MS Excel kung fu. I worked on OSHA plans and helped anywhere I could.

  • Schlumberger

    Geophysical Engineering Intern

    My work included programming a seismic interpolation prototype in Matlab. Additionally, I held several presentations on the common reflection surface and adjacent topics. I also got involved in technical conversations on internal resources.

  • The Earth Story

    Expert Copy Writer

    Promoting new research and fascinating sites in geoscience.

  • The Way of the Geophysicist


    Writing expert copy, scientific summaries and opinion pieces. Devising the content strategy. Social marketing and monetization. Minor WordPress tinkering and SQL database care. Ongoing today.

  • Fugro Seismic Imaging

    Geophysical Intern

    My main task was evaluating different near offset interpolation techniques to use with the surface-related multiple estimation algorithm.

  • University of Hamburg

    Student Assistent

    Evaluating the accuracy of the common reflection surface algorithm with special regard to seismic interpolation. Two years and 3 months employment with the WIT consortium.

  • FS Alkor

    Marine Practical

    Hands on experience on the research vessel Alkor, including Geomagnetics, Gravimetry, Seismics and Sonography.

  • GFZ Potsdam

    Geophysical Intern

    During a two week internship with the German Geoscience Research Institute, I first got in contact with Promax. I was shown the German Geophysics Instrument Pool and had my first insights into stakeholder presentations.

My Education

Leading the way of the geophysicist.

  • Ongoing: PhD Geophysics and Machine Learning

    Technical University of Denmark

    Research in 4D Seismic between DTU and ETLP at Heriot-Watt University.

  • MSc Geophysics

    University of Hamburg

    The Master of Science introduces the student to more advanced concepts in geophysics, including seismic anisotropy, migration and processing. I took the liberty to round the degree off with more than one extra semester of coursework in geology. My thesis evaluated different subsalt imaging workflows. The final grade is a 1.8 in the German system from 1 (best) to 6 (fail).

  • BSc Geophysics / Oceanography

    University of Hamburg

    The Bachelor of Science in Geophysics has a strong focus on physics and mathematics. On this basis a broad education from physical volcanology and seismology to seismic theory is built. My thesis evaluated the accuracy of the common reflection surface algorithm for seismic interpolation. It was published as extended abstract with the EAGE.

  • Junior Studies - Geophysics

    University of Hamburg

    The junior studies programme allowed me to take university coursework, while attending high school.

  • Regular Student

    Gymnasium Heidberg

    Milestones in my high school time included these points. I skipped a grade and finished my Abitur exceptionally young (17). The aforementioned exchange year had me miss some classes in 11th grade that I learned additionally to 12th grade. In the final grade (13th) I was admitted to the university junior studies programme.

  • Exchange (Honor Roll) Student

    Norton High School

    One year in the United States of America. This high school year helped develop important cultural skills, spanning from communication to political and organizational views. My English improved from a" learned in school" level.

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