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Hi there! I’m Dr. Jesper Dramsch. I write for this blog and do other things around the internet especially when it comes to Python, machine learning, and data science.

Want to know about me first?

My name's Jesper and you can use they/them pronouns for me. I have a PhD in applied machine learning to geoscience from the Technical University of Denmark with a few publications. I like being on stage and doing cool things. I love to teach what I know, write, write, write, and make awesome videos.

I've been featured in a few places too.

This website can be a bit overwhelming. I know that feeling. Want to know where to start?

I'm here to help you get more productive in your research endeavours and understand machine learning to get ahead. Here’s how:

Understand the latest AI developments

I put recent developments in machine learning research into real-world context.

I love getting inspired by what the pro’s at Deepmind and Uber are doing. Here's an example, where I wrote about the new approach to nowcasting introduced by Deepmind:

What is the Deepmind Nowcasting paper all about?

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Book Cover of ML Validation e-book by Jesper Dramsch

Understanding Machine Learning Validation

e-Book & Newsletter

I wrote a small ebook about applying validation techniques to different types of real-world datasets. Going into short examples how different data types have to be treated to avoid overfitting.

I touch on the topics of:

  • overfitting
  • train-test splits
  • cross-validation
  • stratification
  • spatial validation
  • temporal validation

I made it complementary with a newsletter subscription to my weekly machine learning newsletter, which you'd probably also like.

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Grokk the programming progress

Programming is such an important skill. I think I can share a few interesting and insightful things that will make your life easier.

My 10 Favourite VS Code Extensions

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Be the most efficient

Turns out that these digital tools make you incredibly productive. Explore how to use these to your best ability.

I recreated in Gmail

But I also have thoughts about general productivity.

Perfection is killing your productivity - Try this instead

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Get that job

Software engineering skills and machine learning are essential in your modern-day toolkit as a researcher. Here you’ll learn how to sharpen the axe.

How Do You Get Job Experience When No One is Hiring?

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