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Late to the Party

Jesper Dramsch' Weekly Machine Learning Newsletter

In this weekly newsletter, I share interesting tidbits around Python, data science, and machine learning that I found around the web. Because, while often being late to the party, I love learning new stuff and I love sharing what I learn. So maybe this is something for you too.

Of course I will never share that email, who am I facebook?

But I'd love to be able to stay in touch!

(Or maybe you'd love to pick up a complementary copy of my ebook Understanding Machine Learning Validation )

What is in Each Issue of Late to the Party?

You can read a past issue here:

☀️ Summer arrived, all suns blazing!

Each issue consists of a few fabulous ingredients to make this cocktail work 🍹

  • The Latest Fashion - 3 Links to great machine learning and Python projects we would have missed.

  • My Current Obsession - Sharing relevant developments and neat things I did.

  • Thing I Like - Something that made my life easier or caught the eye.

  • Hot Off the Press - New pieces of content by yours truly go here.

  • Machine Learning Insight - Deep Dive into a ML topic (sometimes I don't have time to write one up though).

  • Question of the Week - A question that challenges you to think deep about a topic and help in a job interview.

  • Tidbits from the Web - Some links to content around the web I enjoyed. Usually, a Youtube video and something I read.

Each title is a fabulous pun. Just saying I'm Punstoppable.

Book Cover of ML Validation e-book by Jesper Dramsch

Pick Up the Ebook 📚

Sign Up and pick up a complementary copy of my e-book "Understanding Machine Learning Validation".

Learn how to avoid overfitting and improve model generalization, even in complicated data environments.

I touch on the topics of:

  • overfitting

  • train-test splits

  • cross-validation

  • stratification

  • spatial validation

  • temporal validation

These topics will make sure that you are building the best machine learning model you can.

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