Data Engineering is the hottest career right now!

Here are 3 books on 3 levels to learn.

  • Overview
  • Applications
  • Systems

for a deep dive into the topic.

Data Engineering Cookbook

by Andreas Kretz

The cookbook isn’t about training, it provides an overview.

  • Linux to Docker
  • Hadoop to Cloud

with case studies from many big companies today.

This builds a learning roadmap for modern data engineering.

Book Data Engineering Cookbook

πŸ‘‰ Data Engineering Cookbook

Effective Pandas

by Matt Harrison

Pandas is a staple across data professions

This book teaches:

  • Serialization
  • Aggregation
  • Manipulation
  • Visualization
  • Pivot tables
  • Joins

and much more. (Even if you know Pandas)

Book Effective Pandas Book

πŸ‘‰ Effective Pandas

Designing Data-Intensive Applications

by Martin Kleppmann

  • How do Google & Twitter store data efficiently and safely?
  • Use relational or graph-like data models?
  • What about distributed systems?

This book will teach you the systems!

Book Mockup of Data Internsive Applications Book

πŸ‘‰ Designing Data-Intensive Applications


Data Engineering is hotter than data science right now!

Learn the ins and outs from these books:

  • Data Engineering Cookbook
  • Effective Pandas
  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Different levels for different skills for everyone in this interesting field.