I have always been in awe of daily creators.

Seth Godin comes to mind, who, through his writing has influenced large parts of the world.

I, as many others, love the idea of having written. Sitting down, in front of a mostly empty sheet of paper and filling it with an engaging, interesting, and insightful thought. Very different story.

I don't know how Casey Neistat would create a vlog with story-telling and a hero's journey every day for years, in video at that.

I struggle with consistency.

I used to write a blog in geophysics. It was over 100 articles. In 10 years. That's less than an article a month. Regardless, I still stressed about writing an article almost every day. Is that how it has to be? Every day with the thought:

I should really be writing

Now I am in a similar position with Youtube. Less than a video a month.

Why I write; Why I want to write

Writing is at the heart of everything I do. Scripts for Youtube. Communication at work. Reports, books, blogs, newsletters, emails, chats, presentations, letters - You name it.

Writing brings order to my thoughts like nothing else can. And I caught a glimpse of consistency with my newsletter. You wouldn't believe how proud I am that I consistently published a weekly machine learning newsletter.

Is every issue the best issue I've ever written?


Did every issue give some insight and share something I found interesting with the world?


My expectations of writing daily

I don't expect to become the next Godin or Neistat. They're uniquely poised to do what they do and they have created their own category. I also like doing way too many things way too much. Casey didn't write regularly and Seth doesn't create videos daily.

In the next 30 days, I expect to get a taste of what it means to create and publish daily.

The struggles on days, where the words just don't flow. The joys of sharing something interesting with the world. The satisfaction of doing something consistently.

I can't wait.

Image of Atomic Essay Day 0 - In Awe of those who Create

This atomic essay was part of the October 2021 #Ship30for30 cohort. A 30-day daily writing challenge by Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole. Want to join the challenge?