You're using Kaggle wrong. Get the maximum out of the platform.

Learn from a bunch of #datascience and #machinelearning professionals. Explore free applied expert courses for all levels and explore tricks for winning comps.

Here's how you use Kaggle like a pro!

🤳 Set up your profile!

Start by setting up your profile. At least tell people what you do, so you can connect with other great data scientists.

Don't underestimate the network effect on Kaggle!

Set up your profile

🏆 Learn from the BEST!

Every Kaggle competition has highly placing teams return and document their solution in the discussion.

Don't have time to go through all the comments?

Yeah, me neither

But Farid Rashidi has done the work to collect the posts.

📝 You know I love a good notebook

Starting a new project at work is 100x easier if there's a Kaggle competition doing something similar

BUT all the notebooks look bad.

Competitions are sorted by "Hotness" change it to "Most votes" to see true gems 💎

Read more Kaggle notebooks

📚 Learn with applied courses

Not quite ready to jump into your first Kaggle competition?

Kaggle has free applied courses on

  • feature engineering
  • interpretable machine learning
  • two of the best SQL courses
  • Python

and so much more!

Get smort

🔀 Don't just work on competitions!

No comp catching your eye?

You still have free compute capacity for you personal projects with Tesla GPUs and even TPUs!

Just make sure you don't double-dip with comps because of the budget.

This video explains:

💸 Watch out for extra prizes

Follow @Kaggle on socials (or subscribe to my to stay up-to-date when there are extra prizes.

e.g. I won a TPU 🌟

In 2022 you can win some cold hard cash for notebooks: $1000


  • Set up your profile
  • Learn from comp winners
  • Find good notebooks on old comps
  • Take high-quality applied courses
  • Use free compute for personal projects
  • Win other initiatives

And sure, if you like, you can also win some competitions.