In January 2022, I experimented here on Twitter.

Instead of my usual overthinking, I went full steam ahead and shared fun stuff and created deep dive threads.

In case you missed them, here are the popular

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in machine learning, Python and careers

🤖 Starting out strong on some machine learning shenanigans!

Huggingface has an amazing library of models.

In this tweet, I shared three models for three different applications.

Have fun & experiment

🥼 Some good ol' advice for researchers

Install the Unpaywall Chrome extension to get papers for free legally!

(Bonus tipp: You can always email scientists, we love it when you're interested and nice!)

🎃 Jack-o-... all trades?

Had some nice chats over on Linkedin under this one. I love busting a common quote, because a lot of them are misused.

Go be a jack of all trades:

🎨 Matplotlib can be hard to work with.

Proplot attempts to make matplotlib easier to wrangle.

Get some sane defaults &

reduce the boilerplate code to a minimum.

(This one's from my newsletter actually! 🎉)

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📚 Back to matplotlib!

Get a completely free book on scientific visualizations. A lot of these, are absolutely next-level. The book is good for inspiration and application!

🟩⬛🟨 Cassidy Williams asked us to build a Wordle validator in her newsletter!

I used a thread to go through my approach how to solve these types of problems.

Honestly, I hope this helps some junior devs on whiteboard interviews

🏆 My posts about being selected as a @SoftwareSaved fellow were super supportive!

That was just lovely seeing so many people reach out.

📝 Reproducible code in research helped my paper get over 50 citations.

I go through some advice how anyone can reproduce this huge success (on my scales)

🧠 My first thread in January did really well.

People are missing the best parts about Kaggle, in fact Anthony Goldbloom shared some cool data that validated my intuition on the same day!

I added it to the thread:

💸 Trillions of Dollars are lost in PDFs worldwide

This must've been my most popular thread this month.

I thought it would, because the hook is pretty interesting and it's a super common problem.

Also good advice and tools.

A trifecta of goodness.