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Youtube Chapter Checker – Why are my Youtube chapters not working?

This app checks your chapters for the Youtube description, when your Youtube chapter are not working.
Why are my Youtube chapters broken?

This is not an official Yotube, Google, or Alphabet product. That should be obvious by how janky it looks.
Here are the rules to get your Youtube chapters working:
  • First timestamp starts with 00:00.
  • Have at least three timestamps listed in ascending order.
  • Minimum length for video chapters is 10 seconds.
Alternatively, just use this app to automatically fix them. It pushed chapter markers forward to give your viewers a better experience. If you have too many small (<10s) chapters consider combining some!

This is not officially affiliated with Youtube. You can see that by how janky it is. If it doesn't work for you, I'm sorry, there are no guarantees this fixes everything, despite my best effort. Use at your own risk.