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SSI Blog Post Siren's call of AI alignment

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In this blog post, I delve into the evolving landscape of AI and machine learning, particularly in the context of chatGPT's emergence.

The post candidly discusses the initial excitement surrounding the capabilities of models like chatGPT, raising questions about their potential for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). It highlights the birth of the concept of AI alignment and the sudden surge in long-term ethics discussions within AI-focused companies and the research community.

However, it also sheds light on the paradox of companies advocating for regulation while simultaneously seeking deregulation in certain contexts.

The post likens this to a magician's trick, where attention is directed away from short-term AI-related issues. It reminds us of the pressing problems in the short term, such as AI biases, privacy concerns, and the environmental impact of AI model training.

Additionally, the post emphasizes the importance of responsible AI use in various scientific fields and introduces ML.Recipes as a resource to empower scientists with best practices. Ultimately, it encourages a focus on building practical tools and advancing science and humanity while being mindful of AI's evolving role in our world.

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