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SSI Blog Post Building Inclusive Communities

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In this heartfelt blog post, I share my personal journey of seeking online communities as a means of connection.

The post reflects on the challenges millennials face in forming connections after leaving school and highlights the shift toward modern communities formed around shared interests. It acknowledges that while topics like money, relationships, and fame are popular online, they may not necessarily foster meaningful connections.

The post explores the vulnerability of creating a community and the potential pitfalls, such as lack of diversity, personality cults, and the risk of toxicity. It emphasizes the importance of Codes of Conduct and strong moderation in building inclusive communities. The "Pacman Rule" of being welcoming is also highlighted as a way to set a positive tone.

The blog post advises against going alone in building a community and encourages involving enthusiastic individuals to share the workload. It concludes with lessons learned from the journey, including the importance of choosing the right software and certifications to ensure community safety.

I introduce "The Latent Space", an inclusive machine learning and AI community, emphasizing inclusivity and a wide range of topics for discussion.

In a sense I highlight the bravery required to start and nurture a community, acknowledging the challenges that come with it.

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