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Skillshare Course Teacher Data Science Resumé

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I think most people with a career already have important tech skills, but need help translating these skills to "tech lingo" to get that data science job. So I made a class about it!

Transitioning careers can be very stressful, but many people underestimate how much relevant experience they already have. This class will explore ways to translate existing experience into a resume that will work for a data job.

The data profession encompasses more than data science. This advice will be applicable for data engineering, business analytics, data analytics, and machine learning jobs.

We'll go through the structure and tips for individual sections and fill in missing gaps in specific skills.

  • Executive Summary
  • Professional Experience
  • Educational and College Experience
  • Project Experience

Moreover, we'll look into key skills we need to add to our skillset in addition to the knowledge and data skills that we already have.

The project section contains the e-book "Craft Great Resumé Points for Data Jobs"

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