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Guest Lecture


Vortragender: Jesper Dramsch

Uhrzeit: 16:15

Machine Learning is the current buzzword in scientific publishing and research. Conferences, journals, special issues, training material, and talks like this are sprouting up everywhere. So what makes this different? This talk will center on the recent advances in machine learning, i.e. deep learning, around geoscience specifically. This talk will be providing context and necessary background information to give a deeper understanding of the methods and how to apply them to your individual problem sets in Earth science. This seminar will draw from the book chapter "70 years of machine learning in geoscience in review" and the author's experience applying deep learning to 3D and 4D seismic data in a PhD and satellite imagery as a machine learning engineer. While this talk will focus on application, the fundamental theory will be covered from the perspective of a geophysics student.

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