I got a new toy for my computer.

It's an audio interface that has shiny knobs and buttons.

Roland Bridge Cast

But I was disappointed right away. If you go into Spotify, there is no way to select an output device. So how do I route my Spotify music and other audio separately?!

I searched for tools and nifty open source thingamajigs. But nothing was doing quite what I wanted.


Windows Native

I found an obscure Microsoft Windows Help article.

  1. You just right click on the speaker icon in your task bar.
  2. Select Sound Settings
  3. Scroll to the bottom
  4. Locate Advanced sound options
  5. Click App volume and device preference

Device Settings

and then you can select the output device per app.

It's possible that you're not seeing all your apps, they tend to pop up when you press play, or open them up.

After that they remember your selection!

Incredibly useful if you have more advanced audio tools connected to your windows machine.