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Skillshare Course Teacher Bitcoin Prediction

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Projects in machine learning and data science are the premier way to learn and showcase skills. These projects can be used to demonstrate tangible skills in freelancing portfolios and job interviews alike. In this instance of the Data Science Portfolio series, we examine Bitcoin data for time series prediction.

Stocks, crypto, and bitcoin are financial time-series data that can be modelled with different machine learning models. In this class, we go into depth on validation of ML to ensure good performance on future data, exploration, and preparation of data.

Specifically, we will go into applications of these models:

  • Facebook Prophet
  • Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks

Finally, we will even validate these models on the latest data from today to ensure the models perform to our satisfaction.

Of course, none of this is financial advice. This class is about learning to model time-series data using financial data as an example. Nothing more.

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