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Data science has become an essential tool in industries ranging from tech to agriculture. This class will teach the core concept of data science to deliver a high-level understanding of the expectations, steps, and vocabulary to work with and manage data scientists. The goal is to enable data-driven decisions, as well as, introduce the data-curious to data science.

This class will not include programming or software but teach general concepts that are tool-agnostic and can be applied in multiple contexts. This will include the high-level understanding necessary in projects to manage data science teams eventually. If you'd prefer an applied class and already know Python I recommend this class on Skillshare.

This class is for people wanting to understand the principles behind data science without a coding background. Whether these will be applied in Excel, Tableau, or Python, the principles are general purpose and help build a better data-driven analysis.

Moreover, this course comes with a worksheet for risk assessment of your data science projects.

Image of top half of data science worksheet created by Jesper Dramsch

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