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Learn how to make stunning digital art with modern AI!

This AI will interpret your sentences and create images in seconds.

This Skillshare class will teach you what Stable Diffusion "AI" is, why it's important, and how you can use it to create artwork. From there we'll dive into the nitty gritty details of creating better prompts to make the most engaging digital art possible.

This class needs no knowledge of AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Coding, Programming, Python, or anything else. We are starting from the absolute basics. All you need is an internet connection!

Will AI replace artists?

While AI will most certainly transform the art world, it does not stand to replace artists anytime soon.

AI can only really generate a product that is identical to what a human has created. But to create something truly novel is a process that requires creativity, inspiration and thinking outside the box. This is why human artists will always be special and unique, while AI can potentially create a perfect replica of a painting or song.

AI has been used to compose music pieces and also write poetry. And they say in the future it will replace actors as well. It is so well-suited for tasks like these because of two reasons; The first one is since AI uses a vast database of pre-existing material, it needs no imagination of its own. Second, it mimics extremely human-like behavior, and thus can memorize and improvise.

AI will not replace artists, but artists with AI will replace artists.

Learn how to use AI to assist your creative process with free tools!

Cover of the Stable Diffusion Lookbook by Jesper Dramsch

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So what is this AI good for?

  • Get Inspiration for physical art pieces
  • Make quick prototypes for clients
  • Create more diverse ideas
  • Try a different style of art
  • Iterate faster on ideas
  • Have fun
  • Learn this fascinating tool that is just a few months old! (August 2022)

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