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SSI Fellows Update

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A Year of "AI" Shenanigans - SSI Fellows Update

This presentation provides a summary of the Fellows Update presented by Jesper Dramsch as part of the SSI Fellows Community Call.

Jesper Dramsch, a member of the 2022 Cohort, discusses tackling the looming reproducibility crisis in science that uses machine learning. The focus is on addressing the challenges in a world consumed by AI hype.

The plan for 2022 includes the following activities:

  • Participating in the community
  • Creating a workshop
  • Sharing content on YouTube
  • Writing articles
  • Giving talks

The workshop materials live here:

A website called "" is introduced, which aims to make tutorials on machine learning accessible and appealing. It utilizes Jupyter Book, provides extra content, is visually appealing, and optimized for search engines. ML.Recipes

Highlights of various accomplishments and activities, including:

  • Applying reproducible ML at work
  • Teaching a MOOC to 7,000 people
  • Offering Skillshare courses on ethical and reproducible AI with a total of 6,500 students
  • Writing 5 SSI and personal blog posts
  • Creating 20 YouTube videos with 1.4 million impressions
  • Being a guest on multiple podcasts
  • Delivering multiple talks and guest lectures


I'm building an inclusive machine learning community, with a focus on being LGBTQ+-friendly and neurodivergent. The goal is to strive for excellence in all other aspects of inclusivity as well.

The Latent Space

"The Latent Space" is a platform introduced to have fun with the fellowship experience. Have fun with your Fellowship

Embrace the chaos and enjoy the fellowship experience.

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