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ECMWF Training Course ML for Numerical Weather Prediction

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This four-day course focuses on machine learning for numerical weather prediction (NWP). This will include:

  • an overview on the use of machine learning in Earth Sciences,
  • the introduction into the most important machine learning methods that are relevant for Earth Sciences,
  • the introduction into software and hardware frameworks at ECMWF to facilitate the use of machine learning,
  • and examples for the use of specific machine learning tools across the weather and climate prediction workflow and how they can be prepared for use in operational predictions.
  • advanced methods like explainable AI, transformers, and self-supervised learning
  • data-driven weather forecasting

Taught the 6 lessons on:

  • motivational lecture on the use of machine learning in Earth Sciences
  • Foundations of machine learning
  • Neural networks and deep learning
  • ML evaluation and data leakage
  • AI Inference with ai-models for weather forecasting

Helped with the hands-on sessions.

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