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It was great while it lasted!

Every good party comes to an end. Thanks for sticking around! 🎉

Sad to see you go.

Sad to see you go.

Here are my favorite links again, maybe they're still for you!

Life Advice ✨

I started the newsletter, because I love sharing interesting things. However, it's sometimes rough to keep up with the latest latest. Especially in machine learning and tech, so I share some new and some old things that I pick up around the internet. So obviously one inspiration and a sort of mantra I live by is the Lucky 10,000.

Python 🐍

There's a fantastic Stackoverflow Thread that asked for Hidden Features in Python. Scrolling through this thread regularly will for sure give you some insights into programming and how to up your game.

Machine Learning 🤖

While my background is in computer vision, I am aware that transformers are slowly eating the world. So obviously, we should all learn about the concept of attention and with that the transformer architecture in an Illustrated Guide to Transformers.

Remember to take a copy of my little e-book on the way out. Maybe it helps you in your machine learning journey!

Book Cover of ML Validation e-book by Jesper Dramsch

Download free e-Book 🎉

No hard feelings. If you ever want to come back, please feel free!

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