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Ethics Statement

How I create content on the internet.

I'm a professional in the fields of machine learning and weather forecasting and an active online content creator.

I am committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and independence in all my endeavors. This statement outlines my ethical practices and principles.

As a Scientist for Machine Learning at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), I adhere to the ethical standards expected of an international civil servant. My content and discussions are bound by these standards, which limit the scope of some topics I will engage with in addition to my personal ethical standard.

For some details, refer to the ECMWF Staff Regulations.

Categorical Refusals

Stop sign

Here are some things you can expect to not find in my content:

Your trust in my content is paramount. This ethics statement reflects my commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all my endeavors.

Potential Conflict of Interest

Layers of years of posters peeling/tearing away

Here's an overview of potential conflicts of interest I experience when making content online.

Affiliate Links Statement

I occasionally use affiliate links in my content. However, I only link to products or services that I personally use and tried.

I do not create content with the sole purpose of including affiliate links. For more information, please see my Affiliate Statement.

Sponsorship and Monetary Exchange Policy

I do not accept sponsorships, gifts, or free products.

My recommendations are not influenced by monetary exchange, and I do not include links to companies or products as a result of financial incentives.

This also means there is no "accidental free product" that may be shown in my videos that is undisclosed after the initial sponsored content.

Prior engagements

My PhD was paid for by a donation by Maersk Oil to the Technical University of Denmark to institute the "Centre for Oil and Gas", which was then acquired by Total Energies.

While I'm incredibly proud that I made the switch out of this career path into "weather and climate" at my personal expense, it does influence some of my experience and therefore content and writing.

It also means that I still have friends and old acquaintances in the industry or adjacent to it.

I try to distance myself from the industry as well as possible, considering my day job, but this is presented in the spirit of full disclosure.

Corrections and Feedback

Scrabble stones "This sentence contains three errors"

My approach to handling feedback and corrections is to be as transparent as possible.

If inaccuracies or errors are found in my content, I welcome corrections and feedback from my audience in good faith.

I believe in the continuous improvement of my work and understand that constructive criticism is an integral part of this process.

Any significant corrections will be promptly addressed and clearly indicated in the respective content if possible, otherwise they will be listed under Corrections & Feedback.

Your input is invaluable in helping me maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

AI content

ChatGPT introduction blog post

In my work, I utilize AI tools and algorithms to assist with content creation and data analysis.

I have always played around with GPT and similar technologies, and have used Grammarly for years that some may consider "AI".

While these AI technologies offer significant efficiencies and insights, I am acutely aware of their potential for inherent biases.

I am committed to critically evaluating and cross-verifying AI-generated content to ensure its accuracy and impartiality, especially, considering the closed nature of the OpenAI chatGPT training data.

Furthermore, I actively seek to understand and address any biases that may arise from these technologies, ensuring that my content remains balanced, fair, and representative of diverse perspectives.

I am mostly creating content online in my own voice, not to churn out more mediocre AI content.

Revenue Sources

A little piggy bank

Follow the flow of money, they say, so here are any streams of revenue that might influence my decisions.

Day Job at ECMWF

My primary source of income is my role at ECMWF.

This role expects me to maintain a certain professional conduct as an international civil servant and therefore, I will not be able to comment on certain topics.

Any recommendation I make is a personal recommendation and does not constitute an endorsement by the ECMWF, however.

Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship

I am a 2022 fellow of the SSI, which comes with a 3,000 GBP stipend available for outreach, events, and other endeavours that align with the goals of the SSI.

This money is not available to me anymore in 2024, but it has financed some of the work like


I make a revenue share from people who watch my Skillshare courses, as well as sign-ups through the affiliate link.

I am a part of their Rising Teachers programme, which limits the comments I will make on decisions Skillshare makes as a company.


I earn revenue through Advertisements and YouTube ad revenue.

All my advertisements and YouTube ad revenue are automatically managed through automated systems.

I do not influence who advertises through these channels and expect no conflict of interest through these channels.

Affiliate links

See affiliate disclosure.

Book sales

My book sales are automated through the store.

I usually get an email about a new book sale, which is a lovely surprise.

Newsletter Memberships

Currently, this is theoretical, as the premium membership does not yield any benefit other than the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the newsletter work I do.

I do get an automated email when new people subscribe though.