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The biggest lie we tell students.

Industry or Academia?

People will tell you that you have to choose. Finish your degree and you're set in one path. But that's a lie. There is a job market in between.

Let's talk about research outside of academia

First. This thread was inspired by this fantastic video by Dr Lucy Kissick.

Working as a chemist at the National Laboratory Dr Kissick has found this sweet spot and recovered a love for hobbies talks about teamwork and the magical time of ✨evenings off✨

↔️ The dichotomy of academia and industry

We tell students that there are two paths:

Academia: Do research, long hours, low pay, uncertain future.

Industry: For profit, no autonomy, bags of cash, annoying managers.

But is that all there is?

⚗️ Laboratories

(Not the one in the uni basements.)

Incredible advancements for humanity and science came out of independent laboratories.

  • Bell Labs : nine Nobel prizes
  • Scripps Research: 9 approved therapeutics
  • CERN: the internet, Higgs boson

and so much more...

🌨️ How does working at ECMWF feel to me?

(compared to Dr Lucy Kissick's vid)

  • ✅ Work together toward common goal
  • ✅ Rediscovering hobbies
  • ✅ Very good compensation
  • ✅ Brain relaxes in evenings
  • ✅ People care, are curious & smart

Don't believe the dichotomy, there are alternatives!