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Putting models in production is one of the most thought-after skills in hiring machine learning talent.

Be it server-scale or webapps.

Get your models off the GPU VRAM!

Check out these 3 courses at multiple price points.

Machine Learning Engineering for Production

by Andrew NG

A free Coursera course by the legend. Hitting all these topics:

  • Data Lifecycle
  • ML Pipelines, including architecture search
  • Serving, Monitoring, and Logging

And a certificate for money is available!

MLOps Engineering on AWS

by AWS

AWS is the biggest cloud provider worldwide.

This intermediate course is focused on the AWS infrastructure for a few $1000:

  • Lifecycle automation
  • Deployment strategies
  • Drift monitoring

Full Stack Deep Learning

by US Berkeley

Applied exercises and video lectures recommended & advised by Pieter Abbeel. Touching on:

  • Deep learning deployment
  • Testing & Monitoring
  • Webapps & Startups


Imagine your model reaching an audience!

  • Machine Learning Engineering for Production – Coursera classic
  • MLOps Engineering on AWS – Pricey on world-leading infrastructure
  • Full Stack Deep Learning – UC Berkeley quality for DL startups

3 awesome courses to learn MLOps!