Start your first research project applying machine learning to real-world data in 2022 AI and machine learning are super intimidating.


On these 3 websites you can find an easy start:

Here's why and what you need to know

🤗 Huggingface

Huggingface started in Language models (short NLP).

If you want to model language, this should be your first stop.

But it's so much more today, they really built

  • 🤗 a community
  • 🤗 a showcase with spaces
  • 🤗 datasets
  • 🤗 transformers (also vision!)

Hugging Face

🦄 keras

Keras is Chollet's brainchild and made deep learning accessible.

To me it made deep learning feel like lego blocks with #TensorFlow under the hood.

Today it has:

  • 🦄 Easy interface
  • 🦄 Guides & Examples
  • 🦄 KerasTuner for autotuning models


🦾 kaggle

Kaggle started as a machine learning competition website.

And you can still win serious cash solving real-world problems on the platform!

Here's how it evolved today:

  • 🦾 a huge community
  • 🦾 code & compute
  • 🦾 datasets
  • 🦾 free courses
  • 🦾 competitions



On these three websites, you get basically everything you need!

  • 👉 Check out the 🤗 huggingface and kaggle communities
  • 👉 Build easy models with 🤗 and keras
  • 👉 Get free compute in the cloud
  • 👉 Find datasets for projects
  • 👉 Join free courses