What’s hotter than data science?

Data Engineering

Not just trendy, it’s actually what makes data science and much of machine learning work.

Demand is high, learn all the hot topics on these 3 top-tier Youtube channels.

Data School

by Kevin Markham

This educational channel builds solid foundations in mostly Python.

Check out playlists that teach:

  • Reading files
  • Pandas
  • Filtering data
  • Web scraping
  • Github

Check out Data School

Karolina Sowinska

Some lifestyle and a lot of data, this channel has an entire playlist with deep dives into:

  • ETL
  • Loading data
  • Airflow
  • CV Tips
  • Resource overviews

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Seattle Data Guy

Straight from the life of a data engineer in the midst of Seattle:

  • ETL & SQL
  • Pipelines
  • Coding
  • Career advice

Here’s a great Data Engineering Roadmap:

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Data Engineering is hot right now and Youtube is a fantastic resource of realistic advice and learning. Check these 3 channels

  • Data School
  • Karolina Sowinska
  • Seattle Data Guy

for relatable guided learning.