How is the Twitter website free?!

If you're getting into machine learning and deep learning, you can get a whole education on Twitter.

Check out these creators:

Let's look at their work!

🎨 In this thread Jean de Nyandwi goes into depth on ConvNets!

The development from Dense networks to Convolutional layers onto the secret enabler of deep learning Pooling Layers.

Sharing great courses and resources along the way!

πŸ”Ž But ConvNets have recently been dethroned by Transformers!

In this thread Abhishek Thakur (4x @Kaggle Grandmaster & Huggingface autoNLP)

goes into detail for an implementation of transformers in @PyTorch!

🀝 Transformers and ConvNets are united by one player!

The Softmax function (in most cases).

Santiago Veldarrama writes some epic threads (you've likely seen).

More recently started sharing these neat 30-second visuals on core ML concepts:

βœ’οΈ How do you get a text into a Transformer or ConvNet though?!

Images are easy, right? They're just matrixes.

For text you need something called Text Embedding, which converts your words into numbers.

So Luiz Gustavo made a thread about Embeddings:

πŸ› οΈ Finally you need the right tools to train your models, right?

Philip Vollet finds the libraries and apps before they're cool.

Accidentally DDOS'd a few websites, sharing them.

Maybe the latest Tuner mixed with automatic feature selection using Shap?


In this thread I shared 5 top ML creators on Twitter with content about:

  • ConvNets
  • Transformers
  • Softmax
  • Text Embedding
  • Great Tools (Hyperparameter tuning with shap-based feature selection!)