Robots & AI? 🤖

Incredibly cool, but you have to learn reinforcement learning.

These 3 top courses take you from beginner to research.

Learn how computers think and robots learn, exploring new environments! 🦾

(With a bonus applied course in the making!)

Intro to Game AI and RL

by Kaggle

Screengrab of Kaggle Reinforcement Learning Course

Start with the basics in an applied course in Python.

This course teaches game AI and classic reinforcement learning in an interactive environment.

  • Game AI
  • Look-Ahead Agents
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning

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UCL Course on RL

by David Silver

Screengrab of David Silver's Reinforcement Learning Course

The most recommended course on reinforcement learning.

Silver is the RL lead in Deepmind and teaches

  • Decision processes
  • Control
  • Policy Gradients
  • Exploration vs Exploitation

and much more.

Watch the lectures and slides here

Deep RL Bootcamp

by UC Berkeley

screengrab from UC Brekeley deep reinforcement learning lecture

Combining the RL knowledge of the likes of Pieter Abbeel, Karpathy & John Schulman, covering:

  • Deep Q-Learning
  • Pong from Pixels
  • Model-free & -based RL
  • Policy Optimization

& tons more including recent research.

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Deep Reinforcement Learning Class

by Hugging Face

This is just being released so this is sort of a bonus mention.

But I love the depth paired with the applied nature.

  • Deep Q Learning
  • Policy Optimization
  • Decision Transformers

and again so much more!

Watch the first classes and development go on


From intro to recent research, from Deepmind to Openai, these courses cover it all:

  • Intro to Game AI and RL
  • UCL Course on RL
  • Deep RL Bootcamp
  • Huggingface RL Class

Step in where it’s appropriate for you and teach robots by the end of it.